Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Announce: DesignGridLayout 1.1-rc1 released!

After one month of heavy work, I am proud to announce the first release candidate of DesignGridLayout 1.1.

This version brings one major new feature and fixes a few bugs:
  • new support for components to span several rows (RFE #10)
  • fixed problems with baseline alignment in JRE5 (issues #3 and #27)
  • fixed a problem with smart vertical resize of JList (issue #28)
  • fixed a potential exception that could occur in very specific layouts (issue #26)
In addition, the examples demo application has been completely rewritten in order to show all DesignGridLayout features along with description and source code. This application can now constitute a very effective way to learn DesignGridLayout from scratch in no time. It is also useful to current DesignGridLayout users who want to learn new features.

The new support for components spanning multiple rows allows you to define layouts that look like this:

The source code for that is quite straightforward:
It is important to notice that "smart vertical resize", one of DesignGridLayout unique features, is still active on components spanning multiple rows. You can see on the following screenshots the same layout as above during vertical resize (note the list always show only entire rows and never truncates any row):

Of course, you can also see this behavior "live" if you launch the examples application!

I consider this release candidate to be ready for production and, if no bugs are reported, I expect a final release in less than one month.



  1. I have just posted version 1.1-rc2, which fixes 3 issues (#30, #31, #32) discovered during the past week.

    Final 1.1 delivery is thus postponed, and expected around 8th February.

  2. A new release candidate 1.1-rc3 has just been set out. This includes a fix for RFE #34.

    You don't have to upgrade if you don't need this fix (and it is highly likely you won't need it since it is a way to disable DesignGridLayout "smart vertical resize" feature, which most users would not want disabled).

  3. If no bug is reported on 1.1-rc2 or 1.1-rc3 until Sunday, February 8th, a final 1.1 version will be released at that time.

  4. Actually, a major regression was introduced in 1.1-rc2 (still present in 1.1-rc3).
    This bug (issue #36) was related to a strange behavior of "smart vertical resize" feature (when increasing then decreasing height).
    This issue is now fixed in 1.1-rc4 (just released a few minutes ago).
    If you're using 1.1-rc2 or 1.1-rc3, then you should definitely upgrade to latest 1.1-rc4.

  5. Just released DesignGridLayout 1.1 final. No change with 1.1-rc4 besides the "final" stamp.

    Now I can go back to current work on 1.2-SNAPSHOT (layouts synchronization mainly).